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SSC Governing Board – Congregational Update

March 2022 Board Meeting Summary  

Pastor Updates 

  • Attendance was up 15% in February.  Five new members were received this month, and there are six  baptisms planned for Easter.   

  • Pastor  Joe  reported  that  the  recent  events  for  Brotherhood,  Love  Inc,  &  Blood  Drive  were  very  successful.  

  • Pastor Ike  reviewed  upcoming  Community Outreach  Events.    The  Comedy Night  is  currently  being  promoted  by  Communio  with  the  goal  of  attracting  attendance  from  those  living  in  the  area  surrounding the church as well as existing members. The Requiem will be presented by the choir on  Good Friday.   

Financial Management Team (FMT) Update

  • The congregation has been generous in additional giving; the year‐to‐date deficit is down to $91,000  vs. $118,000 in January.   

  • FMT presented the proposed budget of $1,292,000 for 2022‐2023 to the Board. This was based on the  Financial Management Team’s projection of future giving and is 5% lower than last year’s budget.  It  was noted that capital facility items were not included in the budget, so they will require a separate  capital raise.   The board approved the submission of the proposed budget to the congregation in the  May annual meeting.  

  • The board approved and adopted a revised Fiscal Policy that ensures the Reserve and Facility accounts  are replenished before any new unbudgeted expenditures are considered when giving exceeds plan.   

  • Thanks  to  over  and  above  donations  from  the  from  numerous  members,  we  were  able  to  order    replacement AC  units  for  the Sanctuary and  Choir  room. If all goes according  to  plan,  they will  be  installed and operable by May.   

Strategic Plan Implementation 

  • The Strategic Plan Teams are working to advance the vision.   

  • The Events Team is busy with the programs scheduled and developing a workflow chart to ensure all  events have the same process to follow.

  • The Neighborhood Team is working to develop a survey making contacts with identified areas.   

  • The Facilities Team has prioritized a list of areas needing attention.   

Security Team Update 

  • Greg Cooke praised the Security Team members for their outstanding commitment and devotion to this  volunteer job.  He showed a video of their recent Situational Training to point out the professionalism  they strive for and the training they are receiving.  Greg was thanked by the Board for his outstanding  leadership.   

Nomination Team   

  • Linda Wilson  reported  that  the Nominating Team positions has secured commitments  for  the board  positions as well as many of the Elder & Deacon vacancies.  The full list of nominees will be presented  for approval at the April 11 Governing Board Meeting. 


Board members:   Jeff Vaughan, Linda Wilson, Shawn Reed, Vicki Kail, Jerry McLeland, Gary Dixon, Harry Miller,  Joe Cox, Greg Cooke, Sharan Wilson, Mary Jones, Heather Hance, Pastor Ike Nicholson.  

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